10 Weird Animals you must know about.

10 Weird Animals

10 Weird Animals you must know about.

Weird Animals easily catch our eyes due to their appearances or the skills they possess. Some people specially love to see these animals once in life before they die. And, definitely there would be more coming as researchers dive more and more into animal biodiversity. Here’s a list which might impress you.

10. Aye-Aye

Aye-Aye are found in Madagascar, and an endangered species which is black in color with teeth that continuously grow and super thin finger makes it unique. But, beyond that it has habit like woodpecker where it taps on trees to find foods and then holes it and pulls out foods using it fingers.

9. Gobi Jerboa

One of the weird animals of northern or northwestern china. It looks similar to mouse but, it is not it has small and broad ears but the hind feet’s are nearly three times larger than forelegs. Less than 200 Gobi Jerboa seen till last report.

8. Silkie

Silkie is a weird chicken breed, with all feather are fleecy or cotton as if they are of silk. They don’t have any specific colors. But, the main difference between them and other chicken is they are calmer than normal once.

7. Shoebill

A large stork-like bird having a weird beak along with that they are tall nearly 120-130cm and their beak also falls in the same range. They are greyish or blue in color and unique feathers. Shoebill fall under vulnerable species.

6. Halitrephes

What if I say, I can show you fireworks under water won’t that be exciting? That’s what this jelly fish looks like but, they are found at depth of 4000-5000 feet. A more information about same needs to be conducted but traces have been found about this weird animal.

5. Red Lipped Batfish

As its name suggests it is combo of fish and bat with red lips. While body color remains grayish or white. They are generally seen on sand or an oceanic floor. Red Lipped Batfish are highly dependent on other sea animals like small fish, worms and other aquatic animals. They can grow upto 40cm in length.

4. Uroplatus phantasticus

For first time, if you see you might be not sure that is it animal or leaf, that what makes it add into weird animal list. It is also known as “Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko”. They have special ability to change shape to reduce shadow and provide them extra protection.

3. Blue Parrotfish

The fish which is bright blue in color and found in shallow water where, it spends almost all of its time searching for food. They have a beak like parrot used the scrap the food like algae from rocks and other things.

2. Dumbo Octopus

Marine species which live deepest in the ocean approx. 4000m. They possess fins like ear and reason for which it’s name ressembles like Disney character. Due to deep in ocean they do not have predators so they have no inks or such thing.

1. Asian/Cantor’s giant softshell turtle

When you think of turtle, we assume they have hard shell. But this one found in South-East Asia has soft shell. They are highly extinct. The big thing is these turtles are carnivores where they eat small fishes and some aquatic plants.

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