10 Things you must do before you die

10 Things you must do before you die

10 Things you must do before you die

There can be 100 reasons to stay happy and live a fun-filled life. But, here’s a list of 10 things which you must do before you die. This memorable list includes adventurous things which will make you feel should you do or not but eventually at end there will be fun on other side. It’s living life at its best.

10. Northern Lights

Northern Lights are best to experience and must add in your travel bucket list. Many tourists wait for years for same. But you can snap it perfectly if you select right time and place. For sure you need to have clear skies which makes it high probability where people see this natural phenomenon. Low pollution gives it a plus point.

9. Getting Married

Getting married before you die gives one of the best experiences. You get some one to care and life gets easier, you get someone to trust and have faith in each other where you share the most of your secrets. You get someone to solve problems or support you at it’s best during your hard times. 

8. Camping

Camping is about moving away from noisy fast-moving towns. It’s where you enjoy peace and silence in lap of nature. The breeze and no work pressure result in stress and lets you enjoy nature. One of the must try thing before you die.

7. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon ride, is must try adventure sport it provides you an aerial view of the entire place you visit. You enjoy the fun of floating when you reach certain level height. Feel the journey like bird before you die.

6. Drive-In Cinema

Drive-In Cinema for couples is perfect place or adventure to try. An outdoor cinema under the natural breeze is must do before you die. It comes jam packed with customizable experience you don’t worry about seat, the food and few factors which you need to worry in regular cinemas.

5. Sky Diving

Jumping from plane with parachute, it seems scary initially but worth trying. The best advice before sky diving is not think much just jump. Feel the journey and fly in sky like bird, a cold sweat in waiting line is worth it.

4. Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is most fun filled for the people who have fear of heights. It’s all about trusting yourself. And, the time few seconds before jump will make you stop worrying and do whatever end results will be. It’s all about taking the risk and enjoying it.

3. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving shows you the world under water, lets you explore new creature. It’s most peaceful place ever in the world to try. It’s all about meeting and swimming with all new undiscovered creatures.

2. Snow Boarding

Surfing and snow are most loved by people, Snowboarding falls in same family. It gives people one reason to get out of home during snow. If you are adding in your travels bucket list must go for it.

1. Horse-riding

Horse-riding is a stress relief activity you must try before you die. It’s all about trust, getting out of your comfort zone and controlling horse. A must do thing which involves about creating bond with horse.

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