10 Ways to reduce premature aging

Ways to reduce premature aging

10 Ways to reduce premature aging

Reduce premature aging is most searched across internet as everybody wants to stay young forever and there are certain film stars who has completely beaten that by staying young and fit at even age of 60-70. So, others too can here’s simple list of activities you can perform on day-to-day basis to reduce premature aging.

10. Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight leads to penetrate the skin and makes your skin less elastic and leads to makes it firm leading to wrinkles. Thus, it’s advised to take care of your skin when moving out in sunlight. And make sure you are not using harmful sun creams which makes your dull.

9. Stop Smoking

Smoking leads to make blood vessels thinner and that’s what leads to quick aging than normal pace thus quitting smoking is not necessary with that you also need to start the reversal process that makes you healthy and fit. With time you might gradually look young and feel healthy.

8. Healthy Diet

Diet is something which can most impact on how you look and how healthy you are. Thus, you might have observed that certain foods add glow to your face and so on. Thus, it’s advised to catch the problem and try to get solutions to those specific problems one after in more organic way the better it turns out to be.

7. Regular Exercise

Regular Exercises generally releases endorphins which leads staying energetic for entire day besides that you have can reverse the aging process at slow place and that’s why most peoples are advised to regularly exercise.

6. Reduce Stress

Stress leads to wrinkles formation and beyond that cortisol and stress hormone lead to break down collagen and elastin leading to bad skin health. Thus, you try to stay away from stress and stay young and playful by meditation and regular exercise.

5. Antioxidants

Antioxidants are best when it’s about anti-aging process, it fights with oxygen radicals which are responsible for damaging your cells and the best side of antioxidants is that, it not only protects skins from damaging but, also makes it more youthful.

4. Sleep

Sleep is another most important factor that plays vital role in aging process it leads to deprivation of skin. The right amount of sleep is not only good for your skin and aging but also leads to increase productivity and reduce stress.

3. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol reduces the antioxidant levels and that’s where the main thing comes in action it promotes oxygen radical and the normal guy’s age at faster pace when they intake alcohol. Alcohol also leads to addition of puffiness, dark circles and red cheeks etc.

2. Hydration

Stay hydrated as you age. All you need is satisfy your thirst and the science behind it is that, with age your body’s water storage capacity reduces leading to make you age quicker than normal. Thus, stay hydrated to keep your skin young and fresh.

1. Activity

The more active you are the more you reduce premature aging. It all together slows down the aging process and gives you a healthier life making it best to stay young and energetic life.

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