10 Must have tools at your home

10 Must have tools at your home

10 Must have tools at your home

Must have tools for your home are all for your DIY needs whether it may be plumbing, gardening, electric repairs, carpentry etc. Nowadays major small repairs are available online making tasks easier for you. Here’s the list of must have tools for your home.

10. Protective Equipment’s

It’s one of the most important before you start any activity as, there might be time where you might injure yourself while trying something new so get protective gears which can easily cope up probable damage chances. This generally include hand gloves for example working with wires.

9. Ladder

Ladder should be described much in detail as everyone is aware about same. It makes your task easier and comfortable if you are supposed to reach at height. But while considering about ladder make sure it consumes less place in storage. There are many minimalistic ladders available in market.

8. Flashlights

The use of emergency light is not just during nights, it can be during day time where you might enter in dark room or places where light isn’t sufficient. Further during short days and other changes you might need flashlights handy they are long lasting and powerful.

7. Pliers

Pliers are must have for your home as it increases your grip so you can carry out repair activities easily. The physics come in action where short head and long grips give massive power to it. Some companies even make multi usage pilers which can be best for space saving as well.

6. Hammers

The purpose hammer serves based on size like hitting nails, removing it out or destruction of hard objects such as wall repair. It is by default that you should have small hammer which serves the purpose. All the tools listed here are purely where physics plays important role.

5. Duct Tape

Various duct tapes come with various strength where you can seal out things. They are also waterproof which adds additional quality to same. Once again, the duct tape is made in such a manner which gives it tensile strength.

4. Utility knife

Utility knife not just serves basic cutting purpose but, it also serves you purpose in emergency such as slicing, trimming, trapping and cravings. A must have in you home equipment.

3. Drill

Drill makes your task to make holes on hard surfaces which makes it easy as not using hammer and damage the surface. Drill uses precision power to make the hole as required.

2. Measure Tape

You might need to measure between two holes of device to be attached or behind wall measurement etc. The measurement tape helps you in guiding and being accurate of the task where you don’t need to make guess of positions.

1. Screw Driver

For small to medium devices with internet Do it Yourself tips you can repair easily using screw drives which helps to open appliances and check out any damages and repair if possible. Try getting one which is magnetic and has multi-screw ability saving you cost and one tool multi-use benefit.

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