Most Spoken Languages in World

Most Spoken Languages in World

Most Spoken Languages in World

Most spoken languages mainly relates with India. In the list of 10 nearly 4 languages are such have some or other belonging with India, if we include English than nearly 5 Languages of 10 comes from India. The other factor which is behind the most spoken language is the population of the country. Let’s start with list of 10 most spoken languages in the world.

10. Marathi

The local language of India which is preferred in region of Maharashtra, Goa, Diu and other neighboring states. It’s spoken approx. by 90+ Million people across the region. It  compresses of masculine, feminine and neutral level of descriptions.

9. Western Punjabi

Again, the local language of India used by people living in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and other areas of the country. Beyond that the language is also used in foreign countries due to migration from countries like Pakistan and Canada. The statistical data shows nearly 92+ Million people across the globe speak Punjabi.

8. Japanese

Official Language of Japan and Palau. The language is spoken by nearly 130+ Million people. There’s still debate if they are related to Chinese but, due to no evidence till date has proved it significantly although the scripts like kanji and katana have been used in Japanese systems.

7. Russia

The Indo-European language with nearly more than 160+ Million Speakers comes from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine and 5 other countries. Also, one of the six official languages of United Nations.

6. Portuguese

The official language of Portugal, Brazil and 8 Countries with 225+ Million Speakers across the globe. Portuguese is currently proposed for official languages of United Nations with few other languages. Portuguese falls in the family of Indo-European Language family.

5. Bengali

Bengali also known as Bangla, is the native language of Bangladesh but, also being used in India with 230+ Million People speaking this language. Indian National anthem is written in Bengali language. And is a language which doesn’t discriminate and is discrimination free.

4. Hindi

The native language to India and is most widely spoken out of 22 recognized languages. Hindi is spoken by Indian by nearly 350+ Million people and on other side in India is spoken highly in Northern Region. The major influence comes from Sanskrit Language.

3. English

400+ Million people in world speaks English. And, is used to communicate for business communication across the globe. More than 60+ Countries in world play a vital role with this language. 11% of English is comprised of Letter “E”.

2. Spanish

Spanish is used by nearly 500+ Million Speakers. It is official language for nearly 20 countries and has been considered as the official language of United Nations. Spanish again falls under Indo-European Language Family. Its second most spoken language.

1. Mandarin Chinese

The language with closely 1+ Billion of native speakers. It is used not only in China but often used by Singapore people. Chinese is said to be having most similar sounding words and has different style of calligraphy. Mandarin Chinese is mother tongue of most people in world.

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