10 Must watch Movies for Entrepreneurs

10 Must watch Movies for Entrepreneurs

10 Must watch Movies for Entrepreneurs

Movies for entrepreneurs are the once which encourages the viewer to work hard and not loose the hopes after several defeats, using cinematic effects and other technologies the old stories really mean and add lot of value to the movies. So, each and every movie in this list talks about patience about the people who had keen interest to succeed and not leave without achieving the goal.

10. Manjhi – The Mountain Man

The movie is in Indian Local language you might need to use subtitles for same. But, the story it depicts is the love where wife passes away due to slipping from mountain. The Manjhi, then cuts down the mountain in 22 years with sledgehammer and carve. A true Movies for Entrepreneurs to do everything you can do to achieve goal.

9. Rocky Balboa

The story of Rocky, who is struggling in his early sixties with life. But, due to broadcasting channels debate they were challenging Rocky credibility. They somehow agreed for a match and Rocky knocks him down and proves what real talent and skills means to the world.

8. Gandhi

The movie as it’s name is based on Mahatma Gandhi, who fought to free India from British rule using his non-violent method. It focuses on the patience he had. If you watch this movie, must note the actions of British and the reaction of same from Gandhi. A much-needed patience skill.

7. Unbroken

The movie is perfect for entrepreneurs as is based on Louis Zamperini, a World War II Hero. He survives in a plane crash and spent nearly 3.5 years in prisoners of war in Japanese camps. The best learning it gives is, a perfect leader is one who stays calm during crisis.

6. The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking the genius, is what movie is based on! The movie focuses on how great student he was, his love life and story about his motor neuron disease. The separation with Jane and other sad parts of his life are well discussed.

5. Becoming Warren Buffet.

This is a documentary of the Investment guru Warren Buffet. It shows his interest of mathematics and studies of value investing further it also has showed his relatives and colleagues discussing few words about him.

4. The Founder

Ray Kroc, the McDonalds guy. This movie is must watch for entrepreneurs as this focuses on how he worked with original creators of McDonalds and used his skills to grow up the venture to biggest food chain for fast food. And how he settled up the legal issues with original founders. A Top Notch Movies for Entrepreneurs

3. Pirates of Silicon Valley

It’s combo of Microsoft and Apple but it’s worth watching it show how these guys where connected. The movie focuses on the PC revolution and the credits of the technology.

2. The Social Network

Movie shows the college life of Mark Zuckerberg and how the idea of creating Facebook came up in his mind. The failures and the legal issues which Facebook faced at initial stage. It shows all hard work and other stuffs how it has been crafted. Showing the real shades of Movies for Entrepreneurs.

1. Jobs and Steve Jobs

Both movies are separate but they revolve around the same big guy the founder of Steve Jobs. But Jobs has shown the more of his life and the cinematic and emotions are more precise in Jobs. A must watch movie for entrepreneurs as Steve Jobs is an idol for major Entrepreneurs.

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