Top 10 countries with the most inhabitants

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Top 10 countries with the most inhabitants

10. Mexico

Mexico has a population of 128,649,565. Mexico consists of 31 states, which makes Mexico City one of the largest cities in the world.

9. Russia

Russia has 141,722,205 inhabitants. What is very striking is that more than three quarters of the inhabitants live in the city of Moscow.

8. Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a population of 162,650,853. What is the case with the country of Bangladesh is that if you would look from above, the country looks like a fan, Bengali is the main language but English is also spoken.

7. Nigeria

Nigeria has a population of 204,139,587. If the current population growth continues like this, there should be more than 700 million inhabitants by the year 2100!

6. Brazil

Brazil has a population of 211,715,973. The population of Brazil is a mishmash of origins, so many live there: Africans, Europeans and Indians.

5. Pakistan

Pakistan has 233,500,636 inhabitants. The south of Pakistan is mainly desert, The north of Pakistan is mountainous, here is also the famous K2. The most important river is the Indus.

4. Indonesia

Indonesia has 267,026,366 inhabitants. Indonesia has the most densely populated island in the world, namely Java. In Indonesia they speak an average of 742 different languages and dialects.

3. United States

The United States has 329,838,872 residents. About 65% of the current population is of European origin.

2. India

India has 1,326,093,247 inhabitants. About 72% of the inhabitants live in rural areas, India has about 638,588 villages.

1. China

Then we have finally arrived at number 1 and the country with the most inhabitants is …… China, China is number 1 with a total of 1,394,015,977 inhabitants. China is clearly the largest country in the world, if we look at population numbers. People of many different nationalities live there, but the Han-Chinese still form the largest group with a total of 94%.

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