10 Most asked Questions during Interview

10 Most asked Questions during Interview

10 Most asked Questions during Interview

Answering perfectly to the questions asked during interview process not only increases the chances of getting selected but also may affect the pay and many other things involved with your personal growth as well as business growth. Here’s list of 10 most asked questions during interview:

10. Why did you leave your last job?

Most asked question is about leaving last job. The interviewer or the person wants to know what made you leave and this shows the fault or problem with your mindset or working style. And, this thing helps companies identify if you are good fit for them or not. For this question you need to make sure you have less to spoil your image.

9. What salary are you seeking?

The salary you are seeking shows what efforts you will be making to earn money. The more you demand shows your greedy and when you demand less it proves low skills, even if you are highly skilled. This it’s all about quoting correct price.   

8. What are your unique?

Most interviewers want to hire the unique or the ones who are in complete package. This not only reduces the cost of ownership but also acts as alternative for company. So, more the skill you have better turns out your chances to be selected.

7. What are your Strengths and Weakness?

Every job needs different types of strength and weakness, the strength for one company can be weakness while for other your weakness can be their strength. For instance, lets take being strict or aggressive can be fine for defense jobs but if you apply for teacher that won’t be a good fit.

6. What were your biggest challenges you faced in last job?

This question’s answer defines what are your limits at what point you break and what’s the most you can give to organization. Using adjectives and other words can make your task easy. It can also be termed as you selling yourself to organization with your abilities.

5. What are you expecting?

It shows what you are expecting and will organization be able to help you out. This question should be answered considering personal growth, business growth as well as cumulative growth. Some or other way it shows how long you will be serving the organization.

4. What motivates you?

The answer to this can be used when you need to be getting rewarded. It can be holiday, pay or appraisal. These small things generally work in manner to make you feel happy and stay motivated to get more done for organization and get maximum benefits.

3. What are your Future Goals?

Future goals show how dedicated you will be and your work. It’s good to focus on short term goals. This will help organization to get idea about how compatible your goals, you and organization is to help you with your goal.

2. What are your Suggestions/Questions?

Suggestions/Questions helps organization to get better. This definitely needs an answer not too harsh a short and sweet answer. It somewhere gives that you are interactive and will lay down your feedback where necessary.

1. How you arrange your task?

Everyone has different way of approaching to tasks. Few needs to prioritize on smaller tasks, few needs to focus on deadlines. The answer helps the interviewer to know your approach towards the task assigned to you.

Thus beyond, Sell this pen to me. This are general questions asked by interviewer to understand you better and answering in better form increasing your chances to get your desired job.

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