10 Foods which can remain healthy for long

10 Foods which can remain healthy for long

10 Foods which can remain healthy for long

Some times due to weather or situation like COVID-19 lockdown can make your life hard and you might not be able to visit store. This is where you need to store food for longer period of time.  Here’s list of foods which can remain healthy for longer period of time.

10. Honey

One of the best foods which stay in same condition as before, even if opened previously. Honey won’t get bad if covered and there’s no water in the jar. Honey is great source of Antioxidants. Beyond food it can also be used to heal wounds. With good span life of honey, it’s also good for your health.

9. Salt

Salt doesn’t expire unless any ingredient is added to it. Iodized salt can last for nearly 5 years. Further, it’s important to understand salt in not food it’s a mineral. Further, it can also be used as a toothpaste in case of emergencies. It improves metabolism and helps in digestion

8. Sugar

Sugar never spoils theoretically, but granulated sugar should not be used 2 years post opening. It helps to regulate liver and spleen. But, excess amount of sugar can be healthy for heart and can lead to heart attack.

7. Rice

Uncooked Rice kept in closed container is best. If it gets moisture the shelf life reduces. Temperature plays an important role in the life of rice. Make sure you keep them away from bugs and other insects.

6. Canned Fruits

The life of canned foods purely depends on the acid in the food. It somewhere depends from 18 to 60 months based on fruit and preservatives added in it. Some even last indefinitely. Again, it’s about storage of food, location and air tight Can.

5. Tea

It’s beverage for sure. But, packaged tea can easily last for 1-2 years in certain conditions. So, it’s worth storing for tea addicted guys. Further, tea also acts as an antioxidant while on other side it’s also has less caffeine when compared to coffee.

4. Dried Fruits

Dried fruits can be lasting for one year for sure. And certain fruits get spoiled if it regains moisture so you need to take care of it. And it’s best to include in survival kits as they, can be easily consumed without cooking a best pick to have food in rough conditions.

3. Coffee

Once again, a beverage which can last for years and years if stored in airtight jar. It boosts energy level and also acts as an antioxidant. Coffee helps in reducing depression and acts as a best work from home beverage.


Oats in airtight container lasts for a year or more. Oats should be placed in dry place and at storage temperature. They have multiple benefits good in protein and minerals. They are easy and quick to prepare. An easy addition in day-to-day diet.

1. Oil

It’s one of the most important ingredients in your recipe book. But, with that you can use an oil pack for nearly 3-6 months based on your needs. Various oil has lasting of 24 months; thus, it depends on the type of oil it is. Generally being high in minerals is a perfect item to store.

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