10 Must Watch Crime Movies

10 Must Watch Crime Movies

10 Must Watch Crime Movies

The thrill of what’s going to happen next has always made sure to attract Humans. And, so does Crime movies. Somewhere these movies have also led to creating awareness of what can happen while on the other side teaching more of a crime to people. Here’s list of 10 Must watch Crime movies.

10. Fast and Furious – Entire Series

We would like to place entire series as its most successful and had entertained viewers since long. Fast and Furious is purely based on theft, super car street racing, and other criminal activities. The movies of this series have made multiple records and being highest earning movies.

9. State of Play

The movie based on murder of politician’s assistant. It revolves around few reporters helping out police to get the mystery solved. Revolving around the role of reporter and how important they are to the society. One of the Must watch Crime movies.

8. Joker

Arthur the guy in focus lives in Gotham which is filled all with crime, unemployment and other social problems. He suffers from psychological problems which leads to make his life much harder. He works as a joker but, his problems makes his action more weird and at end he is taken to asylum.

7. Wolf of Wall Street

It revolves around stock broker named Jordan Belfort. How he makes the journey of stock market, making plenty of cash illegally and then getting addicted to drugs and other bad habits and further involvement in crimes like corruption and illegal activities.

6. Promising Young Woman

The film revolves all around young woman named Cassie Thomas, whose best friend is rapped by her friend. And her friend ended up in suiciding. She goes for one after other all the individual involved in her friend’s death and gets them avenged at its best.

5. The Gentlemen

An American migrate in UK, making a business empire of marijuana is looking to cash out business. Later than that, it involves bribery and other ways where people try to take over the domain. Let’s not discuss more about it, you must have a quick look at trailer for more info.

4. Mystic River

Mystic River is all about friend’s daughter being killed and later the blame is on one of the friends. One of the friends agrees to it as a blame. Thus, it is a perfect murder mystery movie, a Must watch Crime movies.

3. The Little Things

The little things are all about investigation where two officers are under time deadline to investigate and solve the serial killer case. In mean time the find out the strange who is suspicious killer.

2. The Devil All the Time

People say it’s slow-paced movie, but the young man is all devoted to protect his family from all crimes across the town. A must watch crime thriller.

1.Above Suspicion

An FBI Agent appointed in small town who meets a woman who was involved in drugs and was looking to change her life and improve it. But, gets hired by FBI agent as informant in high profile case.

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