10 Must Play Board Games

10 Must Play Board Games

10 Must Play Board Games

Board Games are more focused towards boosting learning process, better focus, reduce stress, and be patient. Board Games are linked more towards real life challenges. Beyond that it keeps you away from screen and get you more interacted with people naturally. They are all set to make you happier. Here’s the list of 10 must play board games:

10. Chess

Most people are aware about chess but, it’s still avoided and needs to be pinged that it’s one of the best games to play as it focuses on improving individuals planning mindset and memory. Chess also plays a vital role in improving creativity and problem-solving ability for individual.

9. Tic Tac Toe

One of the simplest games with maximum tactics requirements, the game is all set to make you think about opponent’s mindset what will his probable moves and understanding him. The game turns completely unbeatable if you don’t understand opponents’ simple moves.

8. Risk

Board game which is all set out to bring your entire brain in action. Similar to other games it’s a strategic game which makes you think further and prepare you plan for further actions. The game where patience plays a major role. And one of the best to play with friends and family.

7. Blokus

Blokus is a game revolving around shapes where you place the shapes in a strategic way and helps to focus on improving spatial reasoning. Blokus like every other game keeps you off from digital screens and spend a happy time with your family.

6. Chinese Cheekers

Chinese Cheekers like other board games focusing on improving memory, making your brain think more analytical and problem solving. Chinese Cheekers is more of a game which forces you to memory recall and make more better decisions.

5. Scrabble

Scrabble is a board game which play around with words. One of the major advantages of playing scrabble is it improves vocabulary of every member in family specially kids. Scrabble also makes you happy and helps in curing mental illness.

4. Ludo

Ludo a board game where strategy works best. It revolves a lot more about taking right decision at right time. Taking which move will be beneficial and which move would be a bad one. Ludo can be played with max 4 and minimum 2 players.

3. Snake and Ladder

A multi-player board game doesn’t involve any kind of creativeness or thinking rather the game is purely based on luck of what number you get on dice. But, is most exciting game with many moves for all players in a game. Basically, can be termed as spare time game.

2. Monopoly

Monopoly is business and finance related game which focuses on taking correct decision, staying wealthy and not getting bankrupt a must play game for kids and adults. The game which most people favors to paly even in their adulthood.

1. Catan

Catan a game which focuses on being creative, strategic and on the other side it focuses that friends and family interact with each other. Beyond fun and happiness. It works as a satisfying agent in itself making things easier for players.

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