10 Cheap Countries to travel in World

10 Cheap Countries to travel in World

10 Cheap Countries to travel in World

Cheap Countries to travel depends on where you start your trip from but, this list highly focuses on low per-day cost compared to other expensive countries leading to spend your hard-earned money either on adding more days to your tour or adding more activities in your Travel itinerary. Obviously, you can reduce cost further by selecting budget friendly hotels and smart planning.

10. Vietnam

Vietnam in nature’s lap with rich culture and great hospitality from locals is must travel country. And costs in range of 15-25USD per day makes it must visit destination. Few good national parks, bird watching, wind surfing, kite running on wonderful beach are must try if you visit Vietnam.

9. Bolivia

Bolivia is one to chose if you are looking for spectacular mountains and beautiful lakes. The cheap to travel country has captivating and amazing landscapes to capture in camera. A completely amazing wildlife catching experience, trekking, climbing and visit to ancient places are a must.

8. Czech Republic

Czech is one of the cheap counties which has high castle density and oldest castle to offer. If your trip matches up with events than nothing can be better over it. Lovely nightlife and unique jewelry shopping are must to add in your itinerary.

7. Mexico

Mexico is gifted with unreal beaches worth spending an evening further, high rise mountains and volcanoes are a must visit places. It also has marine activities and exciting marine life to experience.

6. Thailand

Thailand has cheap luxurious hotels among all other countries besides that the mediating person should look to visit here as it has amazing Buddhism temples. It has magnificent wildlife, mountains, parks and beautiful landscapes. Thailand has lot of diverse and delicious food to be offered.

5. Bulgaria

Beyond being one of the cheap countries to travel, which is home to most historical monuments. It offers a high-quality fresh food and wine to taste out. Winter mountains can be perfect for skiing and various other snow activities.

4. India

Being one of the oldest civilizations in the world with second most populated and cheap country to travel. It is jam packed with lakes, mountains, forts, temples, mosques and ancient remains. India also offers one the best spicy food for food lovers who look for cheap countries with lot to offer.

3. Morocco

Low-cost Arabic country to travel in world. Morocco has of the most attractive architect across the globe. Highly hospitable people to serve you best culture. When we talk about Morocco must not forget about the beaches and the stunning Sahara Desert.

2. Brazil

Brazil is most astonishing and cheap country to travel. Seasonal rainfall and super sunny beaches make the lights of brazil super attractive to fall in love with. Sandy shore and with max number of beaches it just a perfect place to travel for beach lovers and save the money.

1. Turkey

Turkey is combo or modern and traditional culture. It has museum and archaeological sites added with natural mountains for trekking. But if you visit turkey you must have a look at Turkish bath if you visit turkey and miss out Turkish bath than you didn’t explore turkey at its best.

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