10 Highly motivating movies to watch.

10 Highly motivating movies to watch.

10 Highly motivating movies to watch.

Highly Motivating movies have everything they make you smile or cry, but also make you feel to think about your life and that’s what really important. They teach us what can be done next and what you did wrong. These movies generally set standards for you and force you to make your life better. Here’s 10 such movies which you must watch.

10. Whiplash

The guy wants to be best drummer where his coach teaches him the unconventional way to love what you do and push your boundaries and one day hard work will pay off. Every small hit counts. That’s why it makes into Highly motivating movies to watch.

9. October Sky

The focuses here is completely based on story where the actor decides to take up space as his love and goes beyond his fathers wish. This movies teaches to dig yourself to know the real potential of oneself.

8. Schindler’s List

The movie has story revolving around business man saving his employees to protect his business and keep it operating. His this idea not only helped him to keep his business running but also saved the life of his employees. One of the Highly motivating movies to watch.

7. The Pursuit Of Happyness

The effort of father to try all his hard he can to get his son a good fortune. One of the most motivating movies also teaches that you should never give-up. Also it shows day to day struggle that individual faces when life is hard.

6. Cast Away

A family guy and an employee of Courier Company gets stuck in island due to plane crash he is all alone and that’s time where he teaches how it’s important to have hope that things will get better at some point of time all you need to do is sometimes let the time pass.

5. Peaceful Warrior

A superstar gymnast who was unable to walk due to an accident. This accident forces him to work very hard and people all around telling him you won’t be able to do it out. All we can say, path is more important than goal.

4. I am Kalam

A movie based on a kid who starts journey to clear debt. But later he wants to be great where he is abused by people that you need faith and fortune but he stays firm and says it’s nothing all you need is knowledge and hardwork. A true taste of Highly motivating movies to watch

3. Life is Beautiful

Based on a Jewish man who impress a girl with his sense of humor and being super funny to get his love. But, real play comes when he turns the sad moment into a game to make his son laugh and smile. A must watch situation to hide the pain, sacrifices and to get a fake smile for family.

2. Rocky

It’s a movie focusing on hard work and struggle. It is more likely based on day-to-day life scenario like getting started from scratch, a club fighter turning to be a world championship, with struggles including earning hard to meet breads, having a girlfriend when broke and people abusing.

1. 127 Hours

The movie revolves the happy trekking guy who had to choose between cutting-off hand and death due to been stuck in dessert. It teaches us what you must thank in life of what you have. He records a clip and which states his memory at it best. A Highly motivating movie to watch.

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