10 Best Countries to Live and Work

10 Best Countries to Live and Work

10 Best Countries to Live and Work

Best Country to live and work can be termed as country where there’s good natural life. Less of pollution, more of fun. Government takes care of it’s citizens at it’s best and helps them every time when needed. The life of poor or rich each and everyone stays well and happy. Here’s the list of 10 best countries to live and work:

10. Canada

A diverse and multi-cultural country which provides good employment as well as good environment to cherish. The quality of education it provides makes it best even for kids. The country has broad minded citizens and also the economic strength makes it perfect choice to live and work.

9. Austria

Austria makes in the list of most safe and clean country where even you can drink the water directly from lake, that’s the quality and standards they maintained. It’s not overpopulated and the public transport facility for its citizen makes it best.

8. Japan

With highly delicious food, a kind hearted people and rich culture makes it perfect fit to live and work in Japan. The living expense in Japan are moderate. One of the clean and safe country with great public transport for its citizens and ease of availability of jobs for everyone makes it perfect to live and work.

7. Germany

Germany is highly developed and one of the highly disciplined country. For you as individual the work-life balance is amazing. The cost of living in Germany is affordable further more the culture and education of Germany is a perfect to choose.

6. Switzerland

A perfect weather with one of the tasty foods in the world to taste. The average life expectancy stays close to 80+ years. Further due to it’s best work opportunities it provides with better pay it turns out to be one of the best countries to live and work.

5. Australia

Australia has good minimum wage and many options to choose for job. The environment and climate is really good where you can enjoy many activities and a good work-life balance. The healthcare of Australia even is of top quality to server its citizens.

4. United States

Everybody want to definitely move to US but one of the best reasons to move are wide range of weather to experience. A multi-cultural society with good economy and vast land for its citizens. The optimistic attitude they follow also makes it best place to live.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand provides high quality of life with multicultural people and wonderful weather it offers. The work life is pretty amazing with plenty of jobs for skilled peoples.  The food makes it a perfect choice for the one living over there.

2. United Kingdom

United Kingdom provides free education, free healthcare and diversity makes it best country to live and work. Labor law and proximity to Europe makes it perfect one to live best life on earth.  

1. Netherlands

The country which has been consistently making in the list of best country to live and work is Netherlands. Affordability to education and childcare making is best. The country makes the things easy for non-native speakers.

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