10 Most Colorful Places in the world

10 Most Colorful Places in the world

10 Most Colorful Places in the world

Every day, we see basic and limited colors nearby the max color we see are on digital screen but they are harmful for eyes in some or the other way. But there are some places in the world which are highly colorful where nature or human have played an important role in adding colors to the places.

10. Vinicunca – Peru

Formed recently in 2015, a place which has been formed naturally and is a must visit place before you die. The colorful stripes have been created due to degradation and the entire mountain is natural. According to reports it’s made up of 14 different minerals.

9. Cano Cristales River – Colombia

The liquid rainbow river which is nearly 100km long, seen during July, August and September. The color is generated by explosion of Macarenia Clavigera (A flower which explodes red color). This river is also called the river of five colors.

8. Daigo-Ji Temple – Kyoto

A Shingon Buddhist temple in Japan is another most colorful place to visit with colorful plant. Daigo-Ji Temple is nearly 1100 Years old. The wooden halls and forested sites nearby create a pleasant combo of nature and spiritual joy.

7. Northern Lights – Norway

Northern Norway during polar nights has best chances for viewing Northern Lights. February-March and September-October have been reported as high probability where people saw this natural phenomenon. Low pollution gives it a plus point.

6. Morning Glory Pool – Wyoming

Yellow stone natural park once again a part of natural colors which is being generated from microbial mats. The depth of the pit is 7.1m. The natural place is being badly affected by people throwing coins and few other things.

5. Santorini – Greece

A Human crafted place with white and blue color homes, close to sea makes it perfect home destination. Santorini is a place which has a greater number of churches then homes.

4. Antelope Canyon – Arizona

Most visited canyon in America formed naturally. The height of canyon is nearly 120 feet. With sunlight and few other factors, it adds shades of brown, red and gold on its edges. It is ground based so no hiking or no such stuff.

3. Reed Flute Cave – China

Oldest fleet in the list nearly more than 150 million years. Limestone formed here creates the best visuals for the travelers and can accommodate nearly 1000 peoples.

2. Great Barrier Reef – Australia

The worlds largest coral system is also one of the most colorful places and consist a diversity species. The best thing about this reef is it can be seen from above the space and can be clearly visible and is millions of years old.

1. Laguna Colorada – Bolivia

The shallow Salt Lake is red-tinted water where flamingo’s add the beauty and is must visit photography place before you die. It is said it’s blood of gods while scientifically it’s said a mixture of algae and minerals in water. The area has hospitality access where the place has villages nearby with stay for tourists.

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