Traffic In Hungary

Traffic In Hungary

As far as traffic is concerned, there are some important issues that you need to know. Unlike in many other European countries, alcohol is not allowed at all at the wheel in Hungary. There is a zero-tolerance policy (zero blood alcohol level ) with high fines (depending on the blood alcohol level 100,000 HUF, about 320 euros) and possible imprisonment with a blood alcohol level of 0.8 or more. It is often checked, both during the day and in the evening, so pay attention!

On the main roads applies a speed limit of 90 km/h which is more important, especially in rural areas.

On the main roads, you will see many traffic signs that warn you for the rules. Although you see this in other countries, you do not come into contact with wildlife as much as in Hungary. If you drive in the dark in rural areas, you really have to be very careful. In Hungary, you always have to turn on your lights, also during the day.

Furthermore, it is striking that the roads are not always great quality. In many places, you can see frost damage that has not been repaired too professionally. This results in a very bumpy road.

In the summer you can see that the asphalt has melted so far away at various places that they cause very deep traces. We have seen a place where you hit the bottom with a normal car.

The roads are also less clean, there are often some stones on the roadway that results in stone damage and even punctures.

In Hungary, you have to pay a fee on the motorways (all M motorways). This vignette must be bought before you go on the highway. This can be done at the border or at various filling stations. The vignette is registered on the license plate and does not have to be stuck on the windshield. One could also buy the vignette via the website The fines for not having a vignette can increase considerably, up to 100,000 HUF (about 320 euros).

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