Sunday Market Pécs

Sunday Market Pécs

In the outskirts of Pécs, close to the Expo center, you will find the market area.

The market is open every Sunday from six in the morning. This market is very popular and therefore very busy. We, therefore, advise you to be there early, no later than eight o’clock.

There is paid parking which is 600 forint at the time of writing this article (about 2 euros), but access to the market is completely free.

On the market, you can see, buy and experience many different things such as

  • A flea market
  • A market with new products including a lot of textiles
  • Foods
  • Animals
  • Dining facilities. With this, you can consume local products of which Langos is our favorite.

Would you like to see how the locals do their shopping, this is highly recommended.

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