10 Essential must have while traveling.

10 Essential must have while traveling

10 Essential must have while traveling.

When you are traveling its essential to carry up most important things which makes your travel journey easy and hassle free. You don’t have to ponder around for the one which can hang up your journey. Here’s such list of 10 essential must have while traveling which can be making your journey easy.

10. Chocolates & Medicines

A good idea to carry some extra chocolates could be that in case, due to delay in hotel service or satisfying travel hunger can be good idea. Medicines should be part of must have essential if you have any requirements may be weekly or one in a year problem. You should opt for taking medicines and making journey worry free.

9. Clothing

A comfortable pair will there be sure but, few multi-purpose clothing like scarf-cum-blanket and few other dual usage clothing can be lot beneficial reducing your bag weightage as well as can be used for more than one purpose.

8. First Aid Kit

In case of accident, sudden bleeding or uncertain activities a small first aid kit could be lot beneficial till medical help arrives at your place. Not only for your own personal needs but, a lot of people do not include so can be helpful for others even if required.

7. Cosmetics

You skin needs to get comfortable at the new place. It’s better to carry all your required cosmetics and grooming kit. The cosmetics must include sun screen, moisturizer and most essential which you apply day to day.

6. Entertainment

This essential must have while traveling includes Kindle Reader, A Novel, Movie or any other entertainment you would like to have while you are traveling. This can keep you engaged and not getting bored in few cases. A romantic movie in pen drive could be a good idea.

5. Secret Wallet

That can be neck wallet or hidden belt wallet just to hide few extra bucks and other important documents. Can be helpful in both the manner if someone tries to rob or you misplace your wallet you will definitely have spare money with you!

4. Contact Information

This generally includes your contact information as well as your family members contact information. Further, you must also include your tour organizer information and hotel’s contact information. Which can help you out if you are stuck in something. You can directly reach out to them.

3. ID Card

Obviously, everyone carries Passport, but it’s good idea to carry up something like health card or driving license as a backup to your passport. There are sometimes chances that you lost passport than police can help you out with other supporting documents.

2. Headphones and Earbuds

You might need a silence if someone irritating is nearby you so whether it’s earphone or earbuds for silence you should carry both. Listening to music while traveling can make your journey sweeter and shorter. You might be less tired as your brain might be engaged in music.

1. Charger/Power bank

It’s most important to carry your chargers of all electronic devices and a good power bank with you. As, the place you might be traveling might be providing but in case if it can’t makeup due to one or other reason you can use your own charger and power bank.

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