Top 10 facts about Lightning


Top 10 facts about Lightning


Lightning is super hot, it can get up to 30,000º Celsius. Lightning is therefore 4 times warmer than the outside of the sun, so you have to watch out for lightning strikes because you don’t want to be hit.


The length of a lightning bolt is between five and six and a half kilometers. Lightning rays that are horizontal between clouds are much longer, namely between eight and sixteen kilometers long. There are also Lightning rays that are only a few meters but they are among the clouds.


A lightning jet is really very fast, it is therefore very difficult to take a nice picture of it, for example, it goes about 60,000 kilometers per second.


Thunderstorms are much more frequent than you think, it often only seems like a few days a year, but in reality it thunders more than 100 days a year in the Netherlands!


Per square meter there are an average of 4 Lightning strikes, which is more than you think, but it really is!


The diameter of a lightning bolt is about 2.5 Centimeters, it often seems much thicker but it is really only 2.5 Centimeters.


The sound of thunder is what you hear when there is a thunderstorm, that is the discharge of lightning.


The sound you hear when there are thunderstorms that travel a distance of 1 kilometer in 3 seconds! So that’s 3,333 Meters per second, unbelievable right.


In the old days people saw Lightning and Thunder as something that came from the Gods, they also thought that the Greek god Zeus threw thunder when he was angry.


Do you know that if you are going to count the seconds between the flash and the thunder you can know how far away or near the thunderstorm is, this is called the 10 second rule.


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