Top 10 Biggest Army in the World

Top 10 Biggest Army in the world.

Top 10 Biggest Army in the World

Biggest Army in the world obviously come the most densely populated country in the world. Countries have them for external threats and deal with terrorists being highly trained. Also, they need army to deal with internal riots and other violent activities which are not easily in control of police.

10. Egypt

Egypt army has 0.43+ Million. It gets nearly $1.3+ Billion from United States as aid. Egypy has 3700+ Tanks, 1050+ Aircrafts and 8+ Submarines in it’s fleet.

9. Vietnam

Vietnam horde is also known as People’s Army of Vietnam. Reports shows around 0.48+ Million troops protecting Vietnam. The strength of this army makes a step forward with 2150+ Tanks, 250+ Aircrafts and 6+ Submarines.

8. South Korea

South Korean Army are known as Republic of Korea Armed Forces, the size of 0.59+ Million. This troops have 2600+ Tanks, 1500+ Aircraft and 22+ Submarines. The main goal of South Korean horde is to prevent the outbreak from North Korean military.

7. Iran

Iran makes in list of with size of 0.6+ Million while country size being 82+ Million. Numerical data shows Iran is occupied with 3600+ Tanks, 350+ Aircraft and 25+ Submarines.

6. Pakistan

Pakistan has nearly 0.7+Million army with the population of country being 215+ Million. It has dense power of 3000+ Tanks, 914+ Aircrafts and 8+Submarines. They might turn third most powered nuclear country in short span of time.

5. Russia

Russia makes in the list, with size of 1+ Million. It is not definitely not biggest but strongest when we see that they have around 15000+ Tanks, 3500+ Aircrafts and 55+ Submarines, while the country population is around 144+ Million.

4. North Korea

Like China, Korean troops are known as Korean People’s Army Ground Force. Korea has population of around 25+ Million while the size is 1.2+ Million. The Korean army has 4300+ Tanks, 1650+ Aircrafts and 40+ Submarines. A good strength compared with the population.

3. United States

United states has 1.3+ Million Army while population being 325+ Millions. They are one of the highest spenders when it comes about Infantry expenses. Reports show that US has 8400+ Tanks, 13900+ Aircrafts and 72+ Submarines. US has one of the best military.

2. India

India has second biggest army in world, with country population of around 1.36+ Billion and the military strength is around 1.4+ Million. Statistical published data shows of India powered by 6500+ Tanks, 1900+ Aircrafts and 14+Submarines. Availability of nuclear weapons, adds a good strength to Indian Troops.

1. China

China’s Army is known as People’s Liberation Army. It has population of nearly 1.4+ Billion People and the troop size is close to 2+ Million. They are developing new military technologies such as ballistic missiles. Based on certain reports, china has 9000+ Tanks, 2600+ Aircraft and 65+ Submarines.

The data is purely based on report data. Real numbers may be different as it’s highly confidential data, but can be used for tracking the strength of this countries.

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