10 Must have Software’s to increase productivity

Must have Software’s to increase productivity

10 Must have Software’s to increase productivity

Must have software’s to increase productivity post covid have been most demanding as software’s helps you to reduce your tasks, errors and save your time. After using this the end-results will lead to more time and more money. Here’s the list of must have software’s.

10. Project Management Software

Project Management Software helps to keeps a track of what are running projects what are about to start and in hold projects. This eventually leads to track time, increase productivity and increased team collaboration.

9. Time Tracking software

Time Tracking software helps you to track which software’s are the most with, which you spend your time. Further, time tracking software also helps you to reduce the time for unwanted software’s, invoicing based on time and productivity tracking like highly productive days and worst productive days.

8. Screenshot Software

This is pretty simple you get screenshot by pressing print screen button, but when you have proper Screenshot Software you can get screen shot with certain additional features like editing, cropping, blur, marking arrows and text can help you out a best to save time.

7. To-Do List Software

A proper to—do list software helps you to track what task needs to be done at what time. Few even have daily task feature where you can add task for one day and it reflects over all other days.  Beyond that, reminding what needs to be done at what time and other features help you to stay on track with to-do list tasks.

6. Social Media Automation

Social Media Task Automation Software helps you to save time and schedule post, which reduces the time to schedule. Further you can pre-schedule it so you are never late or never miss any time to post. It’s leads to more benefit when you want to get lucrative benefit of posting at right time.

5. Ad Blocker Software

Ad Blocker software blocks the ads which can cancel out preloading videos and also leads to quick loading of websites. Moreover, any popups, pop downs and new screen/tab opening ads can be easily blocked. Ad Blocker Software improves the overall performance and avoid distraction caused by ads.

4. Quick Note Software

Quick Note software can be used to make quick notes when on call or meeting, this can eventually lead to not constantly opening word or doc software to note down minimal points. Certain Software’s also provides additional features like retrieval of data from one software to other on collaboration and certain permissions making task easier for you.

3. File Conversion Software

Document Conversion Software helps to converts one file type to another file type which leads to reduce task duplication. You can easily convert and save hours in data duplication and reduces costs. A must have software’s to increase productivity

2. Password Manager Software

Why not computer remember your passwords? With major things getting digital it’s now time to remember multiple passwords and with so many accounts you need a password manager which can help to use passwords as and when required without any hassle.

1. Antivirus Software

Antivirus Software are must needed in today’s era as people might hack your PC with certain virus and you might end up in loosing data. Moreover, email phishing, online frauds and certain other hacks where you lose your data. Thus, it’s preferred to use a software which consist all features.

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