10 Most Luxurious Fabric in the world

10 Most Luxurious Fabric in the world

10 Most Luxurious Fabric in the world

Most luxurious fabric play a major role in getting the finishing touch to your clothes or may be furniture like sofa. It highly effects one of your senses which is touch thus it’s important to select right kind of fabric for right kind of occasion and to feel it correct. Here’s list of most luxurious fabrics in the world but, this list is not based on cost it’s based on what can make you feel good.

10. Satin

Satin is formed of silk or polyester in some occasion and is very soft when you touch it. Further it is said based on research, that satin is good for skin and hair. Beyond other benefits the shinny look makes it look luxurious and with that it’s also bit expensive compared to other fabrics available in the market.

9. Cotton

Cotton when weaved perfectly makes it softer makes it softer. Beyond that, cotton is suitable for all weather and is less toxic material. It shrinks easily and is easily to commute if required. Cotton is also helpful for skin problems and luxurious feeling makes it be a part of Most Luxurious Fabric in the world

8. Silk

Silk is really soft and has a wax like feeling which gives it minimal and luxurious feeling. The high-end cloth material gets less wrinkle compared to other cloth material. Silk plays a huge role in improving sleep and ageing. For guys who face hair problems, silk reduces hair breakage.

7. Leather

Leather is highly durable and long-lasting material. Obviously, leather is water resistant and easy to clean. Further, its comfortable and fits better compared to other materials. The leather products are recyclable and one of the most used material in furniture.

6. Furr

Furr just by looking at it you can feel the softness in other terms the higher density with high softness. It’s one of the highly used material to keep your body warm and with fashion in-line. It’s protecting and again the touch senses you feel are pretty amazing of the Furr.

5. Linen

Linen is the most preferred luxurious material as it’s stronger and easy to clean making it worth each and every penny you pay for getting it. Making it most durable and can be used for clothing as well as furniture and room décor. The best thing about it is it can suppress bacteria easily.

4. Velvet

Soft, shinny and a material which caresses your hand. Velvet’s touch is somewhere responsible to reduce stress and make you feel better. The clothes made of velvet are highly preferred in party at some instances. Time consuming expensive fabric to make you feel luxurious.

3. Mulberry Silk

One of the highest qualities of silk available. A special kind of silk crafted out in a special way. Mulberry silk is used in few instances for pillow cases making your sleep stress free and also acts in reducing sweat. Furthermore, it’s also good for allergic reaction reduction.

2. Cervelt

Cervelt is extremely rare and exclusive fiber in the entire range. The rarity can be measured in a manner that, only 20gms can be extracted from a single deer. It’s favorite material for luxury brands to pick when it’s about Most Luxurious Fabric in the world.

1. Chiffon

Chiffon is nearly transparent which looks alike net or mesh when viewed under microscopic eye.  The most amazing thing because of it’s weaving it increase the breathability and lets easy airflow making it feel comfortable for the individual.

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