10 Fengshui Tips for your home.

10 Fengshui Tips for your home.

10 Fengshui Tips for your home.

Fengshui is a Chinese art where you arrange things and structure in a manner which can balance the energy in your space. The energies are all meant to focus on your wealth growth, career enhancement, health and relationships. Here are 10 Fengshui Tips for your home:

10. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is first and foremost in every aspect from health, energies and many other. In fengshui energies get hurdled from such object. In simple terms, good energies or vibes gets distracted from such and thus advice to keep things clean and tidy.

9. Plants

Plants play vital role it keeps your mind calm and fengshui makes easy flows with energy. Moreover, plants also lead to purified air beyond that growth and advancement. Areca, Jade and Bamboo have most importance in fengshui.

8. Color

Every color plays its own role in fengshui, they pose the vibration which leads to balance and harmonize the energy in their place. Fengshui uses color for reference to energies, as well as for mind it is color which uses to relax and stay stress free.

7. Proper Lightings

Lightings in fengshui are in relation to chi energy. Proper lightings can be by adding more lights or keeping windows curtain in a manner that gives proper lights. But make sure the bulbs give proper lightings as per your needs which is not too low and not over bright.

6. Entry and Exit Doors

Entry and exit are most important in fengshui. It’s the path from where the energy entry and exit. It is advised to keep it wide enough and clutter free for same. Few other important things include having a welcome mat, plants and repair any broken item right on front door.

5. Mirrors

Mirrors are all set to reflect energy in respect to increase wealth and strengthen relationship. Besides that, placing mirrors near door and windows are with an intention to attract the energies towards it. Mirrors can add more space to your room.

4. Balancing all Elements

Fengshui consists of five elements such as air, water, fire, metal and earth. It is important to balance all five elements in proper manner. On balancing these five elements certain situations like anger, frustration and other can be easily sorted.

3. Broken Items

Broken Items are all set to be worst elements and they need to be removed from life as well as your home. The prime reason being they block the energy/vibes entering you place. They are source of negative energy and the perfect solution is to be get a new one.

2. Closet

Similar to other tips closet also needs to be clutter free so it makes a way for positive vibes. It’s important to keep it dust free, arranging and grouping things in a correct manner making it best to find in urgent needs and you don’t create clutter again.

1. Fengshui Symbols

Fengshui Symbols like Bagua, Tortoise, Dragons and Yin Yang can be used not only as an art at your place but to balance energy. The important thing in this symbols is the positive energy needs to stay in your place and help you flourish in your life.

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