10 Coldest Country in world

10 Coldest Country in world

10 Coldest Country in world

Coldest Country in the world is generally based on the climatic conditions and generally they remain cold during any specific season. But some days have been recorded as coldest as per records, where is colder than ever and situations get worst making it hard for human survival. Here’s the list of 10 Coldest Countries where the lowest ever temperature was recorded.

10. Mongolia

Züüngovi a small part of Mongolia has a record low of -55.3°C. It was recorded in December 1976. The country faces the high variations in temperature. Sometimes the weather over here is extremely cold and breezy.

9. Kazakhstan

Atbasa, a Northern town in Kazakhstan makes country add in coldest country with record cold of -57.0°C. The year round record low stays mostly in negative. The summers and winters both seem ordinary for normal people as its majorly cold in this area.

8. China

China’s, Genhe enters with US and India. The max downside temperature it ever recorded -58.0°C. It was recorded during 2009. The country is divided in southern and northern parts. The northern Parts remains colder and southern parts remaining bit warmer.

7. India

India also makes into this list with Drass, a hill station near Ladakh. The thermometers dropped lowest at -60.0°C, during 1995. India doesn’t have generally this cold the other parts are hot throughout the country but this hill station makes it enter in the coldest country.

6. United States

Alaska, United States makes it into the coldest with recorded of -62.2°C. The lowest temperature was recorded in 1971. It is one the biggest country based on size so we experience massive difference in temperatures on different corners of country.

5. Tajikistan

Lake Bulunkul of Tajikistan, reported the lowest temperature of -63.0°C. The country stands bit weird as it’s too cold to control during winter and too hot to handle during summer.

4. Canada

The North American Country, Canada comes in the list of coldest country with lowest temperature recorded of -63.0°C in Snag, Yukon. It is neighboring to Alaska US. The temperature range stays from -15.0°C to -40°C. It keeps varying from place to place.

3. Russia

Oymyakon and Verkhoyansk, part of Sakha Republic in Russia have reported same lowest temperature which was -67.8°C. People over here need to consume foods which keep their body healthy during such extremely cold temperature. The place being most coldest still has people enjoying the breeze.

2. Greenland

Greenland Ice Sheet recorded the lowest temperature of around -69.6°C, this record was recorded automatically in 1991 and got undisclosed in 2020. It took approx. 28 years to get revealed. Sometimes, it is also called Icecap. The temperature in Greenland remains negative even during the hot days.

1. Antarctica

Coldest Temperature recorded in Antarctica was at Vostok Station. The temperature which was recorded over here was -89.2°C. It doesn’t seem like winter or summer in this region, it’s just cold, colder or coldest. It is generally least populated due to such environmental conditions.

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