10 Amazing facts about dogs

Amazing facts about dogs

10 Amazing facts about dogs

Amazing facts about dogs makes it more impressive when you have dog or look to buy dog. Nearly 57% of total world populations own pets and in that nearly 33% owns dogs, according to Statista. So, lets get deep into that and learn few amazing facts about dogs which you might not be known too before.

10. Sense of time

Dogs do have sense of time now, when I say sense of time they don’t know about hour, seconds and minutes. But they are more like they worry if you are not nearby for a long-time frame. They generally get bored if you are away from them for a longer period of time. So, like human they can read time but, feel time.

9. Omnivores

Dogs are Omnivores, they can feed themselves with plants and meat. Certain species relies highly on meat but majority of them can feed themselves with either whatever they get at quickest. Their body is formed in such manner that they can grab nutrients from animal and plants.

8. Jealous

Don’t dare to care about someone in family more than dog intentionally or else dog might get sad or jealous. Just check out on YouTube there are many videos which have proven dogs being jealous. This kind of mental situation in found in very less animals.

7. Dream

Dogs do dream, yes it might sound bit weird but they do. They do similar like human moving heads, paws or may be tail. They might be moving in garden or playing the game of their choice in dreams. But yes, dreams cannot always be good they even face nightmares.

6. Kindness

We say humans are sometimes kind but, dogs are the best in the least when it’s about kindness. If you are sad, they will even feel sad or might not disturb you or few reported in many videos they might comfort you with hug or some other act which makes you feel better. They actually care for you.

5. Nose Print

Like Fingerprints in human which are pretty unique, dogs too have unique nose print. It can help you to find dog if lost and found with two pretty identical dogs, which is least to happen as dogs gives sign of happiness as soon as they see their master but for knowledge purpose, they have unique nose print.

4. Sense of Smell

The sense of smell for dogs is at highest power. They can smell more than 40x at minimum than humans. That’s they purpose they are used for tracing explosive materials.

3. Swimmers

Certain breeds of dogs are great swimmers on their own. They can easily cross water body if required. The even have ability to pull out objects if they are light weight or are able to be picked by them.

2. Mirror Awareness

Now, this is bit strange dogs can pick up or identify themselves in mirror. They are bit unconscious about same, but to me personally the science feels to be you would be even shocked if you had never seen mirror before in life or yourself in life before.

1. Friendship

Dogs friendship with human is pretty unique or I would rather say dogs value their friendship even if its human or any other animal. Due to their kindness, they make it best and make others care about them and build friendship. There have been many stories of dog sacrificing for master.

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