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Benefits of eating spicy food

10 Benefits of Eating spicy food

Benefits of eating spicy food will definitely promote you to enjoy spicy dishes. But, please make sure overeating of anything can be harmful so have in proper amount. Let’s talk about major reasons why you should look to add spices in your food. 10. Anti-Oxidants Antioxidants are the ones which helps you to slow down aging process...

Must Eat Spices for healthy life

10 Must Eat Spices for a healthy life

Spices are most helpful have multiple health benefits despite making your food tasty it works as self-healer for your body. There’s a wide range of spices with limitations of use and availability in certain regions. Here we present entire list which are easily available near you. 10. Cardamom Consuming 2-3 cardamom daily in morning can be really...

10 High Protein Foods

10 High Protein Foods

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for health. A general study says, a healthy human requires 0.8 grams of proteins to meet body requirements. Protein is highly helpful for bones and muscles. Reports have shown that protein intake also helps in losing weight. High Protein simply means small bite with lot of energy...